I’ve always enjoyed writing. It lets the mind free and empties it for a while, until you fill it up with more thoughts. But until then it needs a filter every now and then. And I think blogging can be the most personal thing or the most public. You’re in control so just enjoy the ride.

Considering it’s the summer holiday and what a long summer it is, I think starting to write is quite an appropriate timing.

Just as a ‘where-I-stand-right-now’ kinda intro, I’ve completed my second year of Law school and I passed all my exams (although hard to believe). Last year, this time, we were in Iraq but this year were staying in London. I started volunteering at WISE Academy from 10 am to 3:30 pm this past week and I have this starting week to look forward to with the kids as well. I think this is pretty much the most productive thing I’ve done with my summer so far!! Says a lot lol

I’m planning on doing some Law related work experience if I am lucky enough to get any replies from Law Firms.

So I’m not really sure what the main ‘theme’ if you like, of this blog will be but I definitely know one thing and that is that I really want to write. Just write. The words come out and I’m already washing away mountains of weight off of my shoulders so its great 🙂

Hopefully I’ll always do an update every week or so. That way its quite like a ‘memory keepsake’ for myself and helps me review my week. Maybe even set myself targets for the next week to make extra use of my hours. There will most likely be some Religious posts, Law related posts, maybe some poetry too so we’ll see.

Recently, I’ve felt the need to continuously remind myself to have faith in God’s plan. He has a timing for everything and a reason for all. He tests our patience and measures our gratitude. When times are low we need to be thankful and when times are better, be thankful. Sometimes its hard to see the rainbow when its cloudy but when the sun does comes out, it’ll all be worth it. We’re all waiting for the rainbow in one way or another. But I know that since it is in God’s care, it’ll all turn out well.

Something I saw today which I really liked: ‘Create your own road and don’t be worried if its got less traffic than the main road.’


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