So of course – I created this page many months ago but did not continue to write

Salam/Hi/Morning/Evening 🙂

Currently really stressed but really needed to just stop and take a step back and look at the bigger picture. There is a lot going on right now so my tiny miseries are so incredibly insignificant which makes me feel better. Having returned to the sore reality, I need to make changes; I need to take steps forward and I definitely need start acting now.

So I finished the 7th week of my third year lectures at Law School and how time flies! The amount of times I’ve said that you’d think its become old but once another week goes by it’s another slap in the face to make a move.

I’m hoping that this will help me reflect, learn, motivate me and keep me on track; help others and be an open book for my day-to-day or (week-to-week happenings!) but we’ll see.

Just wanted to get this first one out of the way to finally make a start! Now this is what I call (slow) progress!!

A few things that I’ll be sure to add on here are:

  • Summarised overviews of my weeks – esp when Law school gets busy and you almost need an escape
  • I’ve been attending many career sessions so a good way to recap the important issues raised is to summarise what I have learnt in the hope that others would take something from it
  • I do like to write poetry too so maybe this will feature too
  • Religious reflections
  • Some ‘me time’ moments

This blog is not restricted to the above but thats the main gist!



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