Be Proud of who you are

So as I start to attend many Law talks and events, the phrase that is being repeated to us time and time again is ‘be proud of who you are!’

I think we will all arrive at a stage in life where we stop and think, we start to evaluate and reflect where we are heading to, what our future will be like, any changes to make from past experiences.

Many of us have this process of thought throughout our, some not so for example, when a big change in life is about to occur.

I think I am (soon) reaching my big change which is finally becoming an adult, searching for a job and thinking wisely about my future.

Currently in my third year of studies, I am looking to apply for Law-related work experience and ‘a period of recognised experience’ aka a Training contract (almost non-existing that is!)

I’ve decided to take the solicitor route which requires completion of a period of two years of experience after completing the Legal Practice Course – mind you it costs over £13,000 so it is not as easy as you think.

So naturally I’ve been attending events and speaking to many people about applying and law firms etc and all have been of great use.

What it really comes down to is being you! You look back at how far you’ve made it and realise how close you are to what you want to achieve but not quite there. The journey taken to get to where we stand today is the ultimate motivation needed to push us forward to where we want to be in the future.

We’re all very unique individuals, all standing out from each other but there is no point just saying that without proving it so we need to act as well as plan and think; reflect and accept that not everything will work out the way we want it to in the beginning but slowly we’ll get there!

If anything this will be my own reflections but for now I hope its just a small push of motivation to get you up and ready to achieve your ultimate goal!


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