Law School Graduate

I am graduating from Law School! I have completed my law degree and I’m a proud graduate. This is my top achievement and the first of many to come!

I am really happy that I was able to successfully complete my degree. This meant a lot to me. It taught me a lot and I met many different, important people in my life who I’m grateful to have met and now I hope this degree will open many more doors as I prepare myself to shut this door.

My ultimate goal is to become a solicitor but I feel that I lack work experience so I want to gain an insight into more law firms before I take my next career decision of completing the Law Practice Course and get a training contract.

I am happy 🙂 That is an achievement in itself. Several times we do things which we gain nothing from but this law degree has taught me masses!

For now be happy 🙂


I know that graduating is just the first step into the challenging world of ‘looking for a job’ so I found a few useful articles:

Becoming A Paralegal: Advice for Aspiring Graduates



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