What is the meaning of life?

Is life about finding yourself or is it about creating yourself?

Everything around us that we call life is made up of people, just like you and I, the same capabilities, brains and organs. No smarter or more special. They’ve just created the life they want to live, not the life they have to live.

So start creating yours!!

During the second year at Law School, we had compulsory modules which each student had to learn. I struggled trying to grasp the law and understand it. I’m glad that I passed all my exams but not with the grades I wanted. In my third year, we got a choice. I picked all 6 of my modules and in 5 out of 6 of my modules I gained a first class grade!!

When we go through something just because we have to, we just gotta get through it but make sure that when you get the chance to do what you love you succeed and pull through it. Make yourself proud.

Every step we take right now is leading us to our path. We are creating stepping stones for the bigger and better picture. Just because one stone keeps falling off or takes time to build it doesn’t mean we give up.

Build. Create. Believe.

Don’t wait on somebody else to help you or change your life. WE are in control. What matters is your willingness to see this very moment for what it is – take responsibility and move forward.

How would you really enjoy spending your life?


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