I started to do yoga! This is so soothing – mentally and physically. This is the way I saw it as inspired by Adriene:

Consider the focus of the practice – to honour! Honour exactly who u are and where you are at today. 

We have connected and eased into it. Today we put our fists up and we honour who we are – do yoga on that do, do that thing you have been pushing back, JUST DO IT!
We show up on the yoga mat just as we keep on waking up in the morning but with something different to look forward to since we are constantly changing.
Make a commitment to something – to honour exactly where you are at. Put 100% into what you are doing today and the outcome will be 100%. You wont look back and think ‘I could have done more’ because there was no more to do. Exhaust the different options you have. Make yourself proud. That way you are living your life to the fullest.
Some days will be colourful, balanced and happy but others are not. Either way honour the day and honour what you do.
Breathe in, breathe out and relax 🙂
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