As I reread our conversations, I relive the happy moments you shared but cant get rid of the lump when I can feel the heartbreaking msgs I couldn’t help you wipe away. I’ll send you hearts for all I know pictures are worth more than words. But just know this: a day does not pass by without you on my mind. 
I’m at peace to know that you are taking care of yourself; you had a goodnight sleep and grabbed yourself a healthy lunch. Whats more important is whether you are feeding your soul with healthier options: better company, wiser thoughts, new places, something that makes your heart thrive. Something that makes you happy. 
“I love you”

148 days later I relive those words. 4 months later they still allow my heart to beat. 720 hours and they still make me smile. 3 weeks later and it feels like just yesterday. Today: I’m hurt its been that long. 

What filled this mile of distance with the world’s seas; its crushing waves and its quieter days. For all I know, we were just a phone call away. 


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